Jim Skirboll is an esteemed swim coach with a vast experience of training swimmers across all skill levels, from beginners to Olympic hopefuls. As a Level 5 certified coach from the American Swim Coaches Association, Jim Skirboll has an established history of fostering talent and driving swimmers to reach their full potential.

One of his most notable achievements includes coaching his daughter, Zoe, to five National Age Group records. Under his guidance, Zoe has blossomed into a remarkable swimmer, continuing her swimming career at the prestigious University of Virginia.

Beyond his professional achievements, Jim Skirboll is a three-time Ironman finisher and a cancer survivor, having courageously beat the disease 11 years ago. His personal journey of resilience and determination further fuels his commitment to the sport and to his swimmers.

As the owner and head coach of Racer X Aquatics, Jim Skirboll demonstrated remarkable leadership and vision, building a successful team from scratch that achieved national and junior national finals. His career highlights also include leading Team USA to win a majority of the medals at the European Maccabi Games.

Known for his exceptional communication and organizational skills, Jim Skirboll continues to inspire and motivate his swimmers, instilling in them a passion for swimming and a commitment to excellence. His coaching philosophy emphasizes not just performance, but also character development and a love for the sport.



The RACER X AQUATICS program is dedicated to providing opportunity and encouragement for all of its swimmers to make an uncompromised commitment to the pursuit of excellence and, through the process of striving to be the best that they can be, to acquire life enhancing attributes such as integrity, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship.



About the Team

Competitive Excellence/ Personal Development

Opportunities are provided for each swimmer to compete at levels which are appropriate to his/her competence. The RACER X AQUATICS  coaching staff endeavors to teach, train and motivate young people to achieve their ultimate potential in competitive swimming in the belief that this experience will prove valuable to them as they grow and develop. The staff also strives to nurture high standards in personal development by instilling such concepts as time management, personal accountability, high self-esteem, constructive self-motivation, goal setting and goal achievement as these ideas relate to their success in training and in competition. It is our belief that the process of achieving is as significant as realizing the achievement itself.

At each level of the RACER X AQUATICS program, swimmers are taught to strive for excellence. Excellence represents the achievement of that level at which each individual knows that they have done their utmost to become the best that they are capable of becoming.


To train, develop and motivate swimmers in the pursuit of individual excellence in a team oriented environment.


The vision of Poseidon Swimming, Inc. is to be a nationally recognized leader in all levels of competitive swimming.


Pursuit of Excellence (mind, body, spirit): To be the best you can be in all aspects of life.

Commitment and Competitiveness: Persisting at a goal or task to completion while striving with competitors toward peak performance.

Teamwork: Creating friendship and unity through shared experiences and competition. 

Rewarding: Fostering an environment that promotes fun and enjoyment.

Sportsmanship: Learning to respect others through a strong foundation of values and ethics.